NIAD-QE had a meeting with a Korean quality assurance agency in Seoul, on the "Common Quality Assurance Standards" Project

On March 5, 2024, NIAD-QE visited Korea and held a meeting with the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) in Seoul. The purpose of this meeting was to obtain feedback on the "Common Quality Assurance Standards (Working Draft) ." It was a valuable opportunity to exchange opinions directly with KCUE.

During the meeting, KCUE provided comments and suggestions based on the Korean context, leading to lively and informative discussions on the "Common Quality Assurance Standards (Working Draft) ." Furthermore, as quality assurance agencies, both NIAD-QE and KCUE have confirmed the commitment to continue collaborating to promote this project.

NIAD-QE will carefully consider the feedback provided by KCUE and continue to refine the working draft of the "Common Quality Assurance Standards."


Our meeting with KCUE on March 5, 2024