When Using the Website (Site Policy)

The "Quality Assurance -CAMPUS Asia" Website (hereafter "the Website"; https://qacampusasia.niad.ac.jp/ and https://qacampusasia.niad.ac.jp/en/) is operated by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE).
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Privacy Policy

Regarding the Use of Google Analytics
On the Website, access analysis is conducted using Google Analytics to identify browsing behavior and improve content. Data are collected anonymously and will only be used for the purposes described above.

The Website will not use the information collected for any purposes other than those provided above. The information collected will not be provided to third parties, unless a request for disclosure is made under laws and regulations, an illegal act such as fraudulent access or blackmail is committed, or there is any other special reason.

Data collected by Google Analytics are handled in accordance with Google's privacy policy. NIAD-QE takes no responsibility for damage arising from the use of Google Analytics services.
Please click this link to access Google Analytics' terms of service: Terms of Service | Google Analytics - Google

Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies only to the Website; it does not apply to other websites accessed via links from the Website.


The contents (articles, charts, photographs, programs, etc.) on the Website operated by NIAD-QE, are protected under the Copyright Act as copyright works (chosaku-butsu), and the entire Website operated by NIAD-QE is also thus protected as a compilation (henshuu chosaku-butsu). Except as otherwise stated, copyrights of these works are owned by NIAD-QE.
The information on the Website can be cited where education is the main purpose, to the extent explicitly permitted by law.

Links (Citation of Information on the Website)

In principle, it is freely permitted to link to pages on the Website that is operated by NIAD-QE, with the understanding that content may change, and services may be terminated without notice.

However, linking from the following types of websites is strictly prohibited.

  • Websites with content that libels NIAD-QE or undermines its credibility.
  • Websites including illegal content that contravenes public order and morality (including laws, ordinances, and regulations).
  • Other websites that NIAD-QE determines to be unsuitable.


While NIAD-QE strives to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate, it does not guarantee to eliminate all possibility of content errors, including those arising as a result of unavoidable occurrences such as a third party tampering with the content. NIAD-QE accepts no responsibility for any harm or disadvantage to users arising from using the Website or using information or materials on the Website.
NIAD-QE will sometimes, without notice, correct, alter, augment, delete, or discontinue information on the Website.

NIAD-QE is not liable to compensate for any harm or loss in relation to the above cases. Moreover, it is user's responsibility to resolve any transactions, communications, or disputes related to the Website between its users or between a user and a third party. Management and operation of content of other websites accessed via a link on the Website is the responsibility of the organization or group to which the link leads, and NIAD-QE takes no responsibility for any harm or loss arising from using such linked websites.

System Requirements (Browser, Cookies, SSL, etc.)


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